PSPC ticket machine promotion launches today – win Mega Path tickets worth up to $1,000

Ever since the announcement of the upcoming PSPC, PokerStars has been figuring out ways to send as many players there as possible.

Earlier this month, Mega Path satellites returned, a way for players to earn a Platinum Pass for as little as $0.50. And now we present to you the PSPC ticket machine, a promotion that is set to award over $500,000 worth of Mega Path tickets to players across the globe.

These tickets will be worth anything from $0.50 to $1,000. Whatever the case, they represent your chance to play for a Platinum Pass and a trip to the Bahamas.

PSPC ticket machine promotion

Let’s begin with the brand new addition to the PSPC promotion lineup.

The PSPC ticket machine is starting today and will pay out over $500k in Mega Path tickets. All you have to do to take part is opt in and complete any of the following poker challenges to secure one entry to the draw:

  • Play two Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs)
  • Play three Spin & Go’s
  • Play ten Zoom/Fast-Fold Poker hands

For many players, these challenges won’t require much more effort than to play your usual weekly online poker sessions. Just be sure to opt in via the “Challenges” window.

The draw takes place every week and the ticket machine will award Mega Path tickets. You could win anything from a Step 0 ticket, to a Step 4 ticket worth $1,000!

You can use these Mega Path tickets to jump right in at the awarded level and potentially work your way up to a Platinum Pass and trip to the Bahamas.

The PSPC ticket machine is running from now until October 30 on the client.

Mega Path to Platinum Pass

What exactly are these Mega Path tickets?

PSPC Mega Path is a satellite route you can take that allows you to jump in and work your way up towards the grandest of prizes – a PSPC Platinum Pass worth $30k.

It’s a simple enough system. There are five steps (Step 0 to Step 4). Win any Step and you’ll move up to the next. The winner of Step 4 earns a Platinum Pass.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Step 0 – $0.50 Spin & Go or Sit N Go (on demand)
  • Step 1 – $1.50 or $5 Sit N Go (on demand)
  • Step 2 – $20 MTT (on demand)
  • Step 3 – $100 MTT (two running per week)
  • Step 4 – $1,000 MTT (one every Sunday)

You can buy in directly to any Step, apart from Step 4 which is ticket-only. So you can start your Mega Path journey for as little as $0.50.

The PSPC ticket machine promotion allows you to get your hands on Mega Path tickets by winning them in the weekly draw.


Ultimately, it’s all about the PSPC Platinum Pass

For those of you who don’t already know, the PokerStars Player’s Championship (PSPC) is one of the biggest and most thrilling live poker tournaments ever held.

The first competition amassed a staggering prize pool of $26.4 million. Along with the usual bunch of high rolling pros, 320 Platinum Pass winners joined the field, many of who would never have imagined themselves sitting down for a $25k event. Ramon Colillas, a then-amateur player from Spain who gained entry with his Platinum Pass, took down the event for $5.1 million.

Platinum Pass winner Ramon Colillas won the PSPC in 2019 for $5.1 million

The second edition of the PSPC takes place January 2023, at the same beautiful resort in the Bahamas. And you could be there.

As this is the Player’s Championship, the whole ethos of the PSPC is to make what would usually be an exclusive event as accessible as possible.

Satellites like the Mega Path and Road to PSPC are aimed at allowing players from every walk of life to qualify, creating a unique atmosphere and unmatched experience both on and off the tables.

For players who have no intention of buying in directly, ultimately it’s all about getting hold of a PSPC Platinum Pass. Worth $30,000, the Platinum Pass covers the $25k entry fee, as well as five star accommodation and travel costs.

The PSPC ticket machine and Mega Path is one route you can take.


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