Raise Your Edge with PokerStars Learn: first look at exciting new poker training platform

PokerStars School is no more. But in its place is something much greater. An evolution in poker training. Here we take a first look at PokerStars Learn.

PokerStars Learn is a new poker training platform born out of an exciting partnership between PokerStars and poker coaching brand Raise Your Edge.

With the support of Benjamin “Bencb” Rolle, the platform provides players with exclusive content, live training, and completely free poker courses that you can use to drastically improve your strategy.

If you look on PokerStars Learn right now, just hours after its launch, you’ll find eight free poker courses, three new strategy videos with Bencb himself, as well as promotional leaderboards for new and aspiring players. Let’s take a closer look…

Take free courses

You’ll currently find eight free courses on PokerStars Learn: Basics, Core, Improvers, Mindset, Tournament, 6-max Cash Games, and Spin N Gos.

Each course is broken down into easy-to-follow sections with individual lessons explaining key concepts and strategies, as well as quizzes to test your knowledge.

I took the “Tournaments” course and was impressed to find lessons not only on pre and post-flop play during various stages of the game, but also on tournament mindset and more difficult concepts like ICM and Tournament EV.

Click the “Courses” tab on PokerStars Learn.

Strategy articles and videos

The articles from the now defunct PokerStars School are still available on PokerStars Learn, and have been neatly categorized to make it easier to find lessons on the concepts and games you want to study.

You’ll also find brand new strategy lessons uploaded by Raise Your Edge, with Benjamin Rolle talking strategy on video. New strategy articles will be uploaded weekly, so check back continually to improve your game.

Practice with PokerStars Learn

As you are taking on board new lessons, you can also practice them at the tables. New players can take advantage of Play Money games on PokerStars, which do not require any buy-in, as well as looking out for weekly Freshman leaderboard games.

Freshman Leaderboards are for players who joined PokerStars in the last 90 days. Free scheduled tournaments award $150 in prizes along with leaderboard points. Top players on the leaderboard will earn a share of T$2,500 every month – $500 to the winner.

For players keen to up their game, PokerStars Learn also run Scholar Leaderboards. Several tournaments are on thee schedule each week, with buy-ins of $0.20 and $300 in added value along with leaderboard points. Top players will take a share of T$6,000 – with T$1,000 going to the winner.

Click the “Promotions” tab in PokerStars Learn to find out more.

Check out PokerStars Learn in partnership with Raise Your Edge. It’s the ultimate free resource for aspiring players looking to up their game.

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