Special $3k bonus KO event for women players coming up this Sunday

There’s a bonus feature for women players this weekend. A special hyper KO to double the total guarantee in women only events this Sunday.

Even better is that it’s half the cost of the Women’s Sunday, and has a bigger guarantee as well.

It’s part of our Hyper Weekend on PokerStars. A series of super quick hyper turbos with a progressive KO structure.

This special women only edition starts at 12 ET on Sunday which is one hour 40 minutes before the Women’s Sunday gets underway.

Plenty of time to get this one wrapped up before jumping into the Women’s Sunday itself.

The details

Players have the option of up to three re-entries during the registration period. Plus you get a starting stack of 50,000 chips.

And remember the KO format means you start with a $5 bounty. If you knock out a player you get half of their bounty, while the other half gets added to your own.

Before you know it, those bounties can get pretty big.

Here’s a quick way to find it in the lobby…

How to find the hyper KO women only tournament

From that event you can hop right into the Women’s Sunday at the usual start time.

That event as a $2,000 guarantee with a $22 buy in. First prize is usually more than $500, with more players joining each week.

One last thing to remember.

If the price tag is higher than you’d like, there are plenty of satellites running on PokerStars right now. You can win your seat for as little as $0.22 so check those out as well.

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