Try it out! New ‘Dark Chips’ and ‘Kick-Off’ deck design now available

The latest update to the PokerStars client introduced a number of new features aimed at improving players’ experience in the card-room. You can review all the new updates in the latest Release Notes — and in this article, we’ll look at two new ways in which you can improve the appearance of your table.


Try the new Dark Chips

The first improvement offers players the chance to customize their chips. Tired of looking at the same old graphical representation of your stack? Well, here’s some good news: you can now try “dark chips”.

Dark chips are pretty much self-explanatory. Instead of the lighter-colored chips, players can now opt for a chip set with white numerals on a black background. (Previously, you’ve had only one option: black numerals on white.)

Unfortunately it won’t actually change how many chips you have, but it will just give you the chance to mix up what they look like. Test them out and see which you like best.

You can change your chip preferences by following:

Settings –> Table Appearance –> Themes –> Chips

(See diagrams below.)


Check out the new card design

For a long time, players have had the chance to change the appearance of the cards on their poker tables, and the latest PokerStars client release adds a new deck design.

We call this the “Kick Off” theme, after the Neymar Jr.-branded “Kick-Off” game.

This is the sixth design you can choose from, all of which offer crisp and clear representations of the cards, leaving it down to personal preference which you select.

You can change your card preference by following:

Settings –> Table Appearance –> Themes –> Front Deck

(See diagrams below.)

Hint: Hover your cursor over the various choices of chips or cards and look in the display panel. You can get a preview of how those cards will look in your chosen theme.


Here’s how you change the various elements of what your PokerStars table looks like:

In the right-hand navigation bar, click “Settings“, beneath the cog icon.

Find the settings

Find “Table Appearance” in the list of settings. Click “Themes“, at the top of the new list.

Find Table Appearance and then Themes

A new window will pop up, with a Table Preview panel in the center, and five options on the left, for Felt Color, Background, Chips, Back Deck and Front Deck. The new features can be found on the “Chips” and the “Front Deck” sections.

You can customize everything at the table

And remember, you can choose to apply the changes to all or just a selection of tables you’re playing at. In the “Apply to” drop down, you can choose between

All Tables
All Cash Game Tables
All Tournament Tables
All Sit & Go Tables
All Zoom Tables
All Spin & Go Tables
All Knockout Tables

This feature is really useful if you play many different types of games simultaneously and need a quick way to distinguish one game from another. You can completely overhaul your table appearance for one game type so that you can instantly tell whether you’re playing, say, a Knockout tournament (where you might want to chase a bounty) or a Cash Game, where your strategy will likely be different.

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